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System says "In most ensembles, a combination of drums, bass, guitar, percussion, and keys make up the rhythm section, which provides the rhythmic and harmonic …"Details

System says "An Israeli musician surprised participants at a Palestinian wedding last week at which he showed up uninvited and began playing a drum, drawing …"Details

System says "Who even is Led Zeppelin? Big things come in small packages, and the winner of “Denmark’s Got Talent” is no exception. Johanne Astrid Poulsen, a 10-year-old drumming prodigy, won the talent contest on Monday of last week for her stellar performances, in which she rocked out to the likes of Led …"Details

System says "As revealed via an ad in the new issue of Decibel, Mastodon drummer/vocalist Brann Dailor‘s Arcadea have signed with Relapse Records and will release …"Details

System says "We often bring you videos of people auditioning for TV talent shows by singing or playing metal songs – remember the 82-year-old who sang Bodies? – …"Details

System says "X Drummerby Positive Grid Inc • Rating • Premiere2017-03-01 • GenreMusic • $19.99 QR code • Platform iPad • Version1.0.2 ⋅ 455 MB • AdditionalInfo ⋅ Gallery X …"Details

System says "Description: LIKE PLAYING WITH A SESSION DRUMMER X Drummer will be your best songwriting partner. With a few finger taps, it quickly learns your song. …"Details

System says "When we first launched Bantamu, during the first months of 2014, our goal was to create an online network to connect musicians and music professionals …"Details

System says "Like every sound engineer knows, the drum sound is the foundation of the whole record. That’s why drum miking is such a controversial and challenging …"Details

System says "Former Chimaira drummer Andols Herrick has shared a new update regarding his mystery health ailment which he continues to suffer from. A crowdfunding …"Details

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