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Trent says ""Details

Dino says "Since the astronomers are befuddled at this, make your guesses as to what these structures a rea."Details

Laurie says "LOL! I can relate!"Details

Marvin says "Prepare your Kleenex!,0966ee28-47c5-f62b-9c38-b3c961581546"Details

Joanne says "Coolness! Wish I could be a Master of Disguise as well! :D,140c0ada-4b30-719c-8db7-0de33087c7d4"Details

Lucas says "hahaha! So can we conclude now that humans are really antisocial beings?"Details

Levi says "Never dare a serious security guard!"Details

Dino says "What's your excuse for not volunteering?"Details

May says "Just in time for Halloween!"Details

Dino says "Modern civilization owes a lot to this man."Details

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