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System says "It’s become kind of a running joke that John Cena can literally do anything. Become a legitimate Hollywood star? Check. Host morning shows on network TV? You betcha. Hang with Shaq in Carpool Karaoke? Yup! Eradicate polio? Dude is on it. But advance warning: This video might legitimately break your …"Details

System says "Rose has finally found the happiness he may not have had over the last few years. Oh, and he likes candy again. BROOKLYN, N.Y. — Moments before the Cavaliers play and eventually lose to the Nets on Wednesday, Derrick Rose is sitting at his locker. He normally tries to stay away from candy, but today, …"Details

System says "The Brooklyn Nets have a new, very wealthy member of its ownership group. ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski and Zach Lowe reported on Friday that a minority stake in the NBA franchise will be bought out by Chinese e-commerce mogul Joseph Tsai, co-founder of the website Alibaba. Current Nets owner and …"Details

System says "It would be a surprise if Gordon Hayward plays again this season as he recovers from surgery on his fractured tibia and dislocated ankle, but that doesn’t mean he can’t help the Celtics going forward. In fact, Boston coach Brad Stevens announced during the team’s 96-89 win over Milwaukee that …"Details

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System says "The Baltimore Ravens dominated the Dolphins Thursday night in a 40-0 shutout, but the Ravens lost quarterback Joe Flacco in the second quarter following a vicious hit from Miami’s Kiko Alonso. Flacco slid to the ground after a run, and Alonso barreled into the QB, knocking his helmet off and …"Details

System says "The NBA is trying to protect its players, but let's at least give defenders a chance to play Generally speaking, the NBA has done well to adjust its …"Details

System says "This week in Kyrie Irving saying a thing that becomes a running story for its ridiculousness, the Celtics guard expressed reservation about a throwback paint scheme the Bucks were unveiling. Though it was just different paint, Irving expressed concern about player safety on the court. “Yeah, it …"Details

System says "Jayne Mattey and Clair Shine danced after acing ‘unlucky’ 13th hole at East Berkshire golf club one after the other A pair of amateur golfers have toasted their success on the course where they beat the odds by hitting consecutive holes in one. Jayne Mattey and Clair Shine achieved the feat one after …"Details

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System says "We’re just over a week into the NBA season and surprises abound. Players and teams are veering sharply from expectations in all sorts of crazy …"Details

System says "She won the golf tournament fair and square In news so ass-backwards you’ll swear it’s 1917, a high school athlete was denied a trophy and winning …"Details

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